FINAL Championship Bracket!

Here is the Final Bracket:  Presidential-Bracket-Final Round.  Our first Commander-in-Chief, George Washington is our Champion!  Who is our fan-entry winner?  Check out our Facebook page to find out…



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Final 4

We are happy to announce our Final 4 in the Dead Parrot Press Presidential Bracket.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see our final 2 teams and see who our most presidential president is!

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Elite 8

We are happy to release the Elite 8 for our Presidential March Madness Bracket.  There were some very exciting match ups and outcomes for this round.  We’ll let you see for yourself this time.

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Round 1 DPP Presidential Bracket

Welcome to the release of first round results for the Dead Parrot Press Presidential Bracket.  Watch the video or open the updated bracket to see the full results and check who makes the Sweet 16!

Presidential Bracket Round 1

The close ones:

2. Reagan over 7. Coolidge/Harding (80-70)

4. Grant over 5. Van Buren (79-71)

5. Cleveland over 4. John Q Adams (76-74)

The biggest upset:

6. Polk over 3. Wilson (88-62)


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Presidential Bracket Released!

Has March Madness destroyed your chances of winning a bracket this year?  Fear not! Dead Parrot Press has flown to the rescue with our own spin on March Madness: “Presidential Madness!”  Download and fill out your own copy of our bracket and email it back to us at and the person who can most closely read our ‘expert’ judges minds and predict our Final Four will win a free t-shirt of your choice!

Thursday we will be publishing the results for round 1 and announcing the Sweet 16.  Get us your bracket by Wednesday in time for the 1st Round!

Click here to download the Presidential Bracket excel file or,

click here to download the Presidential Bracket as a PDF.

Email your predictions to us at


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DPP March Madness Presidential Bracket

In the next day or two we will be releasing our March Madness Presidential Bracket.  We will take 32 presidents from Reagan and before and our board of 3 judges will each me given 50 points to allocate proportionally to each president.  In the event of a tie each judge will be given 5 points to allocate in overtime to determine the winner.  May the best president win!!!

Criteria for the judges ranged from popularity of the president, honesty, competence and just general awesomeness.

Stay tuned to see who makes the cut.  If you want to submit who you think the Final Four will be and you get it correct you will be entered for a chance to win a shirt!

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Random Video Friday – Danny Macaskill – Industrial Revolutions (Crazy bmx tricks!)

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Our designer wins a contest!

Hey folks,
Our designer Anthony won a t-shirt design contest hosted by MennoMedia on the theme of ‘Living More With Less.’ They will be on sale at the Mennonite USA Convention in Pittsburg July 4-9! If you happen to be at the convention, check it out! Here’s a link to the press release about his win: Living More With Less - Tshirt Contest Winner

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Random Video Friday: OK GO “This Too Shall Pass”

So we’ve been living in the dungeon making shirts for you all and somehow missed this epic music video by OK GO! Rube Goldberg machine insanity!

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New Website Layout!

Welcome to our brand new website, designed by our fantastic intern, Moriah!  We love what he’s done with the place.  Fly around the site and let us know what you think!  As if that was not enough, Moriah also designed a sweet new t-shirt: ‘Parrots of the Caribbean!’  We couldn’t resist.  He’s also our model for the design! Sorry ladies, he’s taken.
Parrots of the CaribbeanHere on the ‘News and Rants’ page we will keep you up to speed on all our new designs  as well as any other noteworthy events going on here at Dead Parrot Press! We would love to get some feedback!  More news will follow later this week!

– Dead Parrot Press


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